What you get

  • Network

    Connect with the right people in the industry. Whether it’s the right partner, the right supplier or even the right lawyer, knowing the right people saves you a lot of time.

  • Growth

    Focus on the important things As an interior designer, one can easily get lost in the daily activities of your business, unaccountable and not focused. With a community of dream chasers reaching for new heights, you’ll stay laser-focused on the right things.

  • Learn

    Avoid Costly Mistakes by learning from others mistakes and successes


Pricing options

Our Monthly membership is N5,000, however get a discount of N10,000 if you sign up for the annual membership N50,000


Are you an interior designer? Creative yet alone and struggling to get clients and even when you get clients you can’t manage them? Artisans are driving you crazy and getting the right team to work with is frustrating? No business systems, structures and strategies to run a profitable interior design business so you can live the life you so desire? If this is you, you are clearly running a hobby or a charity organization and will go out of business sooner than you expect unfortunately

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