Do you know that having the wrong pricing strategies will run down your interior design business? Time is money, especially as an interior designer, it is important to know how to price your services and how not to undervalue them. There are different pricing strategies however the earlier you figure out the best strategy for your business, the better so you can start making MONEY. Imagine working hard and yet you can’t seem to make profit. Jobs are coming in yet you are BROKE. What about when clients say they will get back to you after offering a FREE service and you are wondering why you don’t get clients. You clearly have sold yourself cheap and no one wants to do business with someone who doesn’t even place a value on themselves


Learn the right pricing strategies for running a successful interior design business? So you can focus on what you love DESIGNING What if you could be financially free and can afford to live the life you desire like travelling, sending your kids to the best schools, building your own home, investing and all , won’t that be all worth the stress as an interior designer? What if I teach you the right and trusted pricing strategies to running a 6-7 figure interior design business, won’t that be GREAT…… Guess what? Passion isn’t enough to run a successful interior design business? It is actually just 20 percent of what you need. You actually need 80 percent business skills to run a profitable interior design business and I am willing to show you how.


With Bonuses

  • 20 Modules

    Recorded training videos and audio which I have broken down into easy steps you can implement immediately Self paced course – Watch and complete the online course in your own time. One Year Access to the course, so you can come back to it again

  • 20 Templates and Worksheets

    SMART Goals /Defining Your USP/ My Design Proposal Template /Pricing Template /Outlining your Consultation /Calculating your Success /Service Strategy /Transparency Worksheet

  • Guides

    How to meet clients/ Design Proposal/ How to calculate your billable hours /How to charge your worth/Project Management Fees/ Client Satisfaction Survey/ Accessing Client Desirability/ Guide for Artisans/ How to calculate discounts/ How to calculate your targeted income/

What you will learn

  • Proven Pricing Strategies and Formula

  • Create Multiple Streams of Income

  • Focus on what you love... Designing With all the pricing strategies you would learn, you can stay laser-focused on Designing and charge what you are worth.

About Me

Design Biz Coach

I am the most approachable, open minded and dedicated interior design business coach you would ever work with. I help interior designers like you build, grow and scale their business, so you can make profit, become successful and live a fulfilling life through Design. I am an experienced Interior designer, Author and Coach. Popularly known as Design Biz Coach or Mama J… Prior to coaching, eight years ago, I launched my interior design company- Jenniez Designs which is still operational till date. In 2017, I founded Jenniez School of African Interior Design (JSAID), to bridge the gap in the interior design education in Nigeria and Africa and raise entrepreneurs through Design. JSAID is the first approved educator of interior design and decoration by CID International Florida and endorsed my Interior Designers Association of Nigeria. In 2018, I launched my coaching program, after I observed that most interior designers had the creative skills but lacked the business skills required to run a successful interior design company. My number one goal is to help struggling, yet passionate interior designers with smart business strategies to run a successful interior design business, so they can focus on what they love…Design I share my experience and knowledge through a wide range of my signature courses and events- from one on one coaching, seminars, group coaching, conference and the Design Biz Mastermind. I am an Author -The Interior Designers Planner and grant Awardee for LSETF, GIZ Project and USADF I am a graduate of the Interior Design Institute UK, with a Certification in Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design and Business and Branding Also a Mentor at Fate Foundation and Tony Elumelu Foundation.
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About Me


Creative Director Teal Harmony

Folakemi Oloye

Creative Director Teal Harmony

It’s great to have a coach and a program where you can not just only learn but share your problems and get practical solutions, a coach that also cheers you on and gives you support, that’s what you get from Jenniez. Thank you Jennifer
Architect Martins


Architect Martins

Best decision I have made for my business. Can’t thank Jenniez enough, every interior designer needs to be on the platform. The course helped me scale and provide 3D services to other interior designers


  • You are an interior designer or decorator and want to learn a better way to price your services. You are starting your journey in business and you aren't sure what to should charge per hour to get some clients in the door.

  • You get confused about how to charge for a project so youknow you are making a profit. You are keen to start your own interior design or decorationbusiness but have no idea how to leave your corporate salary behind.

  • Your design training prepared you to be a designer, but not a business owner. You feel like you spend way too many hours 'working' in your design business but barely see any profit in return. You have some time to put towards getting strategies inplace that will finally help you make a profit in your business.


  • You are not interested in making a profit in your design business.

  • You have no time to put towards doing the action steps in the workshop.

The Decision is Yours......

1. Say it is expensive and continue to work alone and struggle with pricing your interior design business, while you watch others grow in the industry 2. Hire an expensive business strategist who isn’t an interior designer and uses generic strategies which will not work for your interior design business and remember it isn’t profitable so how do you intend to pay 3.Sign Up for Pricing to Profit Online Course and learn all the pricing strategies to run a successful interior design business and live the life you desire


Course curriculum

What you will learn


  • How do I take the course?

    The course is delivered entirely online. Once purchased you will be provided with a login to my learning platform where you will be able to access the course and bonus materials

  • How is the course delivered?

    The course has been prerecorded and broken down into short videos. You can watch whenever you like and you do not have to watch all the videos in one sitting. You can come back to it whenever you have time. Once purchased, you have access to the course a year and can refer back to it when you need to.

  • How long is the course?

    The course has video content broken down into easy steps that makes it incredibly easy for you to implement and take action on. You are given action steps to implement, along with a worksheet to complete, so that you can make progress and put what you learnt in to practice in your business straight away. If you are able to put a full day aside to watch the videos and do the action steps you will be able to complete the workshop in this time. If you can’t allocate a full day to the workshop then you can watch it bit by bit and implement when you have the chance to do so.

  • Would it entail coaching?

    No Coaching is provided on this course, however if you would want a personalized support please contact or you can join my inner circle- Design Biz Mastermind

  • The course seems expensive?

    Think about what it’s worth to you to increase the revenue in your business.If all this course does is help you bring in ONE new design consultation – then it will have paid for itself. I’m sure you will get far greater value out of the course than that – but if all it does is help you get one new client for a consultation, then you’ve paid for the workshop just with that. Think about the confidence you will gain from being able to price your design services in a way that you know will be making you a profit and that also makes your clients feel comfortable and at ease.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for interior designers and decorators or anyone who is aspiring to start their own business as an interior designer or decorator

Your Investment is N25,000

Making money is your responsibility , make no excuses, the decision is yours

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